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Rules of the forum

Post by Dragon on Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:30 am

Welcome to the CS Gaming Community forum. This forum is made for meeting CS players all over the world, and we hope that we'll make that come true Wink You can NOT see all of the forums while not logged in, so in order to see everything you're gonna have to register.

If you want not to get banned you're gonna have to follow few simple rules.

  • Forum is strictly on ENGLISH language, any post/topic made on other language will be DELETED.
  • No RACISM is allowed, posts where there's racism seen, will be deleted and banned.
  • Spaming the board is not allowed, users have five warnings regarding spaming the board.
  • Spaming is allowed ONLY in "Off-topic".
  • Linking other sites which aren't made by forumotion is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! If that happens our forum will be deleted by forumotion stuff.
  • Adding embed code is allowed, BUT NOT LINKS OF VIDEO!
  • Users using bad words will also have 5 warning points until getting banned!
  • If you need any help of our stuff don't make topics about it, PM stuff members!
  • If you need to argue with some member do it over PM not over the board!
  • Changing font colors and using bold text is forbidden and only stuff is allowed to use it.
  • Hacking attempt is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and it will result banning from ALL forumotion forums.
  • Topics which aren't in the right section will be moved to the right one or DELETED!
Admins can change rules without any informing other members.
Hope you stick with us...


CS Gaming Admin team


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